Why Gen Z and Millennial's are More Stressed Now Than Ever!!!

Updated: Apr 11

Gen Z and Millennial's are More Stressed Now Than Ever!

I have been thinking a lot about how stress, anxiety and depression has affected mental health disorders and how these symptoms are evolving through the generations. I hope that this post can jump start more conversations and can be applicable to anyone (no matter where you live).

According to the America Psychological Association (APA), Generation Z and Millennial are more stressed now than any other generation with increasing rates of stress, anxiety and suicide. And according to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in five Americans will experience a mental health problem every 12 months, with work related stress estimated to cost $300 billion /yr for health care and missed days.

Psychologists, scientists and technologists are all pointing their fingers in different directions for the causality. However, in 2017 the APA conducted a stress survey and found that the most common sources of stress were:

63% Future of our nation

62% Money

61% Work

57% Political climate

51% Violence/crime

As a millennial, student of psychology and someone who deals with my own mental limitations I think the US and the world may be experiencing a rise in mental health disorders because of increasing rates of stress and the effects of technology, new modes of communication, awareness of mental health and the idea that certain areas of the world are experiencing a “golden age” of prosperity and now have the bandwidth to worry about the future. I think this is an interesting and weird time for all of us.

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