Relieve Pandemic Anxiety and Stress Now

Updated: Apr 11

Here are Kopely's best practices to relieve COVID-19 Pandemic anxiety and stress.

Why are we Anxious and Stressed during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

  • Anxiety and stress activates a physiological system that has evolved for responding to acute physical emergencies (like running away from a lion), but we turn it on for weeks (or months) on end, worrying about mortgages, relationships and job security... especially during uncertain times like these.

How Does Long-term Anxiety and Stress Affect our Health?

  • Sustained major stressors drive the immune system way below baseline, about 40 to 70 percent below - stress relief is more important now than ever!

What to work on to relieve Pandemic Anxiety and Stress?

Hone your stress relieving skills!

Practice Optimism

  • Catch yourself when you say something illogical, irrational and negative and replace it with something that is logical, rational and true.

  • Example- *I have lost most of my service business from the Pandemic and I am not feeling too good about myself and my financial situation. Here is what is going on in my head:

Negative Thought: "I am such a loser, I should have saved more money - I should have known something bad was going to happen."

"Replace with" Positive Thought: "No one could have predicted this to happen, I am only human and I have my health, my families health and we will get through this together."

For more pandemic stress relief check out our recent post on The Number One Way to Stop Stressing about the COVID-19 Pandemic. And if you are looking for additional stress relieving tools Kopely is releasing our very own stress relief app- TBA! Sign-up here for our free trial!

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