Through our humble beginnings we thought that the best way to contribute to the world was to help people find happiness. However, after our own stumbles and studies we quickly learned that the path to happiness is too meandering and too distracting. For heavens sake, what makes us happy may make you quiver. We wanted to follow a path that was a little more straight forward, voila...
We are pretty sure that every person that has ever walked on earths surface has experienced stress. So, in short Kopely's mission is to help people quiet the distracting noise of stress so that they may tune into the beauty and meaning that life has to offer.
How you ask?!
By providing our users with accessible and actionable content and tools to assess, track and overcome their stress. Our stress relief app isn't just another meditation app. The purpose of Kopely isn’t to merely accept your circumstances but to change the way your brain reacts to stress in a forever changing world.
Our goal is simple: help people relieve stress. We do so by teaching people how to cope better and create enough space to increase optimism and resiliency. 
By combining stress-management techniques with prospective shifting psychology we are confident that we can not only help relieve stress but help individuals live a healthier, more meaningful life.

Andrew Laux

Fitness and Wellness, Founder

Andrew's fitness and wellness journey started at an earlier age.  His curiosity in psychology and biology was piqued in college and led to a formal education in Psychology and a career in coaching.  Andrew has worked as a collegiate strength and condition coach, Director of Operations for boutique fitness gyms, owner of his own mobile training company, and as a consultant for a health and fitness start-up in NYC.

Andrew's mission now is to help solve the increasing rates of stress, anxiety and depression across America while providing better workout programs for his online fitness company, Korrective.


Stress-management for everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Don't worry, you can bring Kopely on the go. Our website has been designed to be mobile-friendly. And... stay tuned, we are working on a mobile app too! 


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